You Aquarium Pets Need Clean Water too!

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Obviously, the natural environment of any type of marine life is not that of 100% pure water. If you are a fish-lover and pet owner, then you probably purchase the correct ingredients from your local pet or fish store to concoct the perfect aquatic atmosphere for your underwater friends.

However, the fact that they do not originally come from totally clean water is not a reason to use just any water as the base ingredient for their tank. You should always use clean, filtered water as the starter ingredient and add the necessary elements that you purchase to it.

The problem with tap water

In other words, this means do not use tap water in your aquarium. Just don’t do it. Ever. Tap water contains substances like chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates, and chloramines, all of which can be harmful to your fish (and to humans, as well.)

The fertilizer factor

One of the greatest threats to the purity of our water supply is that caused by fertilizers. When it rains or when it is improperly disposed of, fertilizer washes into the water that makes its way into our homes, and potentially our fish tanks and water bowls for our furrier pet chums as well. Fertilizer is made of nitrates and phosphates, which do not so much fuel as they do super-boost the growth the algae.

Because algae growth is spurned on by just a miniscule amount of phosphate, a large quantity can cause your tank to become a full-blown algae farm featuring algae blooms in very little time.

Every attempt you make to rid the tank of this menace will prove to be futile if you continue to use tap water each time you refill it.

The pipe factor

Dangers to your water supply are also found within the pipes that transport the water from its local source to your home. Most pipes are made of metal and as water travels through them, it picks up trace amounts of substances like copper, which is fatal to fish, even in small quantities.

The solution

The only solution to the problem of contaminated tank water is to filter all of the water that you use when you fill and clean it. This removes harmful contaminants that could prove injurious to the fish you love.

If you are still doubt which model of fish tank filter to use, please contact our friendly aquarium water filter singapore consultant for free advice.

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