When it comes to disinfecting water, nothing beats an ultraviolet water filtration system. This particular purification processes uses ultraviolet rays to destroy pathogens and the DNA of microorganisms that cause disease, which eradicates their reproductive capabilities. UV purification is simple, green, and effective, destroying 99.99% of microorganisms without the use of chemicals and without changing the odor and taste of the water. For maximum impact, UV filtration is generally used in conjunction with another purification method, like carbon block or reverse osmosis.

UV Filtration VS Chemical Disinfectants

Eliminating disease-causing bacteria from the water supply is usually done in one of two ways: through UV filtration systems or with chemical disinfectants like chlorine.

Individuals who believe their water contains substances like E. coli, giardia, cryptosporidium, and/or other viruses and disease are advised to purchase a point-of-entry UV filtration system that ensures that all water coming into a residence is free of potentially disease-causing substances.

Because chemical disinfectants create toxic byproducts, UV systems are much more advisable.

The Advantages of Ultraviolet Water Filtration

UV purification systems are very advantageous in many ways:

  • The UV filtration process utilizes no chemicals and does not create any injurious byproducts.
  • Taste and odor are unmarred by the ultraviolet method of purification
  • Killing 99.99% of microbes, UV water filtration is the most effective system for ridding your water of harmful bacteria.
  • Energy efficient?the amount of energy it uses can be equated to that of a 60 watt light bulb.
  • Requires little maintenance besides an annual UV bulb change.

The Disadvantages of Ultraviolet Water Filtration

  • Only eradicates bacteria and viruses.
  • To eliminate substances like volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and chlorine, another water filter system must be used with it. The process usually utilized here is that of reverse osmosis.

Selecting the Correct Ultraviolet Unit Size

Those who draw their water from a private supply are urged to treat their entire home at the point-of-entry with a UV purification system. It is integral that the right size is chosen; you must match the UV system with its corresponding household peak demand flow speed. (Peak demand flow speed simply describes a measurement of the quantity of water that can flow through your water line if all outlets were opened at the same time.)